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The Latrell Show

The Latrell ShowIAMA Theatre Company presents the virtual premiere of actor, writer and social justice advocate Brandon Kyle Goodman‘s dark comedy,filmed on stage at the Pico Playhouse.

IAMA Theatre Company presents the virtual premiere of “The Latrell Show,” written and performed by actor, writer and social justice advocate Brandon Kyle Goodman. Co-directed by IAMA co-artistic director Stefanie Black and company member Devere Rogers, “The Latrell Show” will be filmed on stage at the Pico Playhouse. The virtual premiere is set for May 23 at, where it will continue to stream through June 20.

“The Latrell Show” is a dark comedy that explores the mental aerobics of being Black and Queer in America by way of a hilarious and opinionated talk show host, Latrell Jackson. As Latrell films a “very special” episode giving hot takes on his favorite hot topics, matters of the world begin to compromise his relatable persona.

Goodman shares, “Latrell is a character I’ve played for the past ten years in comedy shows and as a sort of cabaret act.  It feels like all those performances have culminated into the creation of this solo show. I want Black Queer folx to watch this show and feel seen and validated. I want white and non-Black folx to get an uncensored look inside the mind of a Black Queer person, and I want to make them feel our experience.”

A powerful, non-binary Queer Black leader and relentless advocate for Black lives, Goodman’s name and messages were launched into the limelight throughout the summer of 2020 as his vulnerable, informative Instagram videos regarding racism in America went viral, quickly solidifying him as a go-to resource for individuals seeking educational and inspiring content, while detailing a personal look at his own experiences growing up and living Black in America. Today, Goodman’s content has received over millions of views and counting. Goodman continues to actively speak out against the injustices that have been plaguing the Black community for decades and encourages his followers to donate to the Innocence Project, The Bail Project, Black Trans Travel Fund and Black Lives Matter.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Goodman received his B.F.A. from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. After graduation, he joined the musical sketch comedy group Political Subversities, where he performed in weekly shows lampooning the zeitgeist of pop-culture. More recent acting credits include the Netflix film “Feel the Beat,” Amazon’s rom-com anthology series “Modern Love” and Hulu’s “Plus One.” As a writer, Goodman is on his third season working for Netflix’s animated series “Big Mouth” as well as the upcoming spin-off “Human Resources.”

Co-director Rogers was a classmate of Goodman’s at Tisch and has remained a close friend ever since. “The play presents as one thing, but quickly becomes another,” says Rogers, who first became part of “Latrell world” in 2019 when Goodman hosted monthly comedy shows as Latrell at The Standard in West Hollywood. “Latrell is a riotous character — but just as the audience starts to feel comfortable and safe with the outrageous comedy… wham… Brandon hits them with the real message.”

Add Black and co-artistic director Katie Lowes, “We are thrilled to conclude our season with an artist as necessary and talented as Brandon. Their voice, both in art and activism, will continue to forge more paths ahead for the future of storytelling in the American theater. IAMA is proud and honored to play a part in Latrell's journey to this final stage.”

Tickets to “The Latrell Show” are $15 per household. For more information and to reserve tickets, go to

Presenter / Producer: IAMA Theatre Company

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