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Pageant of the Masters "Wonderful World"

Pageant of the Masters The Pageant of the Masters is arguably one of the most unique productions in the entire world. Each evening during the summer season, classic and contemporary works of art are faithfully re-created with theatrical illusion and real people posing as living pictures. Enjoy art that comes to life under the stars in the Pageant’s outdoor amphitheater.

A kaleidoscope of international art becomes your passport to distant lands, cultural celebrations and fascinating history in the 2022 production of Wonderful World. Transported through the theatrical art of living pictures, the Pageant sets sail in pursuit of seasonal festivities, ancient and modern, promising new surprises at every turn. Prepare to be amazed by the Pageant’s intoxicating blend of original music, storytelling and stage illusions. Wonderful World is a love letter to our common humanity, and the countless ways in which artists have asked the eternal question: "Why are we here?"

Presenter / Producer: Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach

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Theater > Other

Event Phone: 949-497-6582

Festival of Arts
650 Laguna Canyon Road
Laguna Beach CA 92651

Orange County

Performance Dates: 7/7/2022 - 9/2/2022
Thursday, 07/07/2022
Friday, 07/08/2022
Saturday, 07/09/2022
Sunday, 07/10/2022
Monday, 07/11/2022
Tuesday, 07/12/2022
Wednesday, 07/13/2022
Thursday, 07/14/2022
Friday, 07/15/2022
Saturday, 07/16/2022
Sunday, 07/17/2022
Monday, 07/18/2022
Tuesday, 07/19/2022
Wednesday, 07/20/2022
Thursday, 07/21/2022
Friday, 07/22/2022
Saturday, 07/23/2022
Sunday, 07/24/2022
Monday, 07/25/2022
Tuesday, 07/26/2022
Wednesday, 07/27/2022
Thursday, 07/28/2022
Friday, 07/29/2022
Saturday, 07/30/2022
Sunday, 07/31/2022
Monday, 08/01/2022
Tuesday, 08/02/2022
Wednesday, 08/03/2022
Thursday, 08/04/2022
Friday, 08/05/2022
Saturday, 08/06/2022
Sunday, 08/07/2022
Monday, 08/08/2022
Wednesday, 08/10/2022
Thursday, 08/11/2022
Friday, 08/12/2022
Saturday, 08/13/2022
Sunday, 08/14/2022
Monday, 08/15/2022
Tuesday, 08/16/2022
Wednesday, 08/17/2022
Thursday, 08/18/2022
Friday, 08/19/2022
Saturday, 08/20/2022
Sunday, 08/21/2022
Monday, 08/22/2022
Tuesday, 08/23/2022
Wednesday, 08/24/2022
Thursday, 08/25/2022
Friday, 08/26/2022
Saturday, 08/27/2022
Sunday, 08/28/2022
Monday, 08/29/2022
Tuesday, 08/30/2022
Wednesday, 08/31/2022
Thursday, 09/01/2022
Friday, 09/02/2022

Performance Times
July 7 – September 2, 2022
Shows Nightly at 8:30pm

Ticket Information:
Tickets start at $30 per person (Includes season pass to the Festival of Arts Fine Art Show)

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