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Lock Your Heart, Elder P.

Lock Your Heart, Elder P.A heartfelt and unvarnished true Mormon missionary story of impossible romance.

Fans of angsty romance, as well as “Book of Mormon” enthusiasts looking for more stories about missionaries in far off countries, will be taken in by the world premiere of “Lock Your Heart, Elder P.”, a solo show by actor and playwright Robert W. Perkins. Friend and collaborator Amanda Bird directs this heartfelt and unvarnished true story of impossible romance. Opens June as part of the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Based on his actual experiences as a Mormon missionary in Sweden, Perkins’ “reads” from the journal he kept during his two years of service. However, it appears during the performance that he is not the only one with a story to tell, and that his relationship with the divine has perhaps become a bit strained. In his younger persona, Elder P. happily accepts the call to serve as a missionary. He starts out with the best of intentions: to serve the Lord faithfully, chastely, and exclusively for two years. He promises to lay aside all personal relationships, subjecting himself instead to the constant company of a 24/7 working missionary companion. Then she shows up. Lock Your Heart, Elder P. lays bare the struggle to reconcile what the heart wants and what God commands.

Written by Robert W. Perkins, directed by Amanda Bird, and starring Robert W. Perkins

Robert W. Perkins (Elder P.) is an L.A.-based actor, singer, surfer, doctor, movie crier, and an unapologetic Baby Groot-ophile. He is also a veteran, with 16 years of service in the U.S. Navy, specializing in Diving, Submarine, and Occupational medicine. He has appeared in People Magazine Investigates (Investigation Discovery), Divine Shadow (web series), and just debuted his first short film, Whisper Me Home (YouTube) as writer, director, and composer.

Amanda Bird (Director) began directing in 2006, founding the Noisy Nest theater company in 2012. Credits include Bus Stop, Armitage, Proof, Echoes, Almost Maine, Be A Good Little Widow and most recently a critically acclaimed immersive production of No Exit.

Perkins and Bird decided to bring this story to the stage after workshopping the concept together at the Noisy Nest theater company, of which Bird is the founder and artistic director.

“Lock Your Heart, Elder P. is beautiful, raw, hilarious and gut wrenchingly sad, “says Bird. “Robert's life path could not have been more different than mine, but it is rooted in the familiar truths of life, of adolescence, pain, curiosity, loss, love, growth and forgiveness that we can all connect deeply to.”

Of that workshop experience, Perkins says “I was emotionally exhausted just putting this show together for a few friends. Amanda picked me up, dusted me off, and helped me see the broader appeal in what had been for me a singularly sad and private story. One that I couldn’t imagine anyone else caring about.”

Presenter / Producer: Robert Perkins

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Theater > Theatrical Comedy

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Asylum @ Studio C
6448 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood CA 90038

LA - Hollywood / Westside

Performance Dates: 6/8/2019 - 6/30/2019
Saturday, 06/08/2019
Sunday, 06/16/2019
Sunday, 06/23/2019
Friday, 06/28/2019
Sunday, 06/30/2019

Performance Times
June 8th, 2:30 pm - Preview
June 16th, 8:30 pm
June 23th, 1:00 pm
June 28th, 7:30 pm
June 30th, 2:30 pm

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Running time: 30 min
Audience: All ages

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