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George. The Strongest Force Was Always Him…

George.  The Strongest Force Was Always Him…Told through the creation of his first three films, ‘George’ is the story of how a young man from Modesto, California became George Lucas. With each act following a different film, George will learn all of the skills that eventual led to the creation of ‘Star Wars.’

GEORGE. is a historical fiction play about a soft-spoken young man from Modesto, California who would go on to create the biggest film-franchise of all time. “GEORGE.” follows George Lucas through the creation of his first three films, ‘THX 1138,’ ‘American Graffiti,’ and finally ‘Star Wars.’ The audience will watch George as he chooses who to listen to, the hot-headed Coppola, the whimsical Spielberg, or the firm voice of his father, George Lucas Sr. They will watch as he learns what control really is in art. They will watch how a young, soft-spoken man from Modesto, California became George Lucas, the most important filmmaker of the 20th, and 21st, century.  GEORGE. opens June 8th as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival at Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre - 5636 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Similar to when George Lucas created Star Wars, Miriam and Henry wanted to bring a inspiring story to life. This story is one of a dreamer who made his dream and idea come true we want to show that anyone is capable of doing this, especially today.

GEORGE is produced by Two Steps to the Left, a production company based in Iowa City, Iowa and Los Angeles, California. GEORGE. is the third major production from Two Steps, following the feature They Said to Get Better and the web-series Errands.

Directed by: Miriam Randolph, Written by: Henry Parizek, Designers: Ryan Conlon and Chase Carson Cast: Bryan Navarro, William Rafter, Maya Schnaider, Eric Michael Barkhorn, John Sisce, Dior Allen, Tim Oakes,

Henry Parizek (playwright, George Lucas): is a writer, director, and actor from Des Moines, Iowa. After graduating from the University of Iowa with a BA in Creative Writing, Henry packed his things and moved to LA. His debut feature film, They Said To Get Better, is available on Amazon Prime. He is excited to portray his hero in this production, and hopes that it may give George Lucas the credit he does not always receive.

Miriam Randolph (director, Marcia Lucas): is a director and actor from Chicago, Illinois. She received a BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Iowa before moving to Los Angeles to further her career in the world of entertainment. Her past acting credits include Antigone in Welcome to Thebes, Hilda in Lady from the Sea, and Bailey in ERRANDS (a miniseries currently available on Amazon Prime). She is an actor, director, and writer, and an occasional cook. She is very delighted to be apart of this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Presenter / Producer: Two Steps to the Left,

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Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre
5636 Melrose Ave,
Los Angeles CA 90038

LA - Hollywood / Westside

Performance Dates: 6/8/2019 - 6/28/2019
Saturday, 06/08/2019
Sunday, 06/16/2019
Sunday, 06/23/2019
Wednesday, 06/26/2019
Friday, 06/28/2019

Performance Times
Saturday, June 8th @ 8:00 PM
Sunday, June 16th @ 2:00 PM
Sunday, June 23rd @ 3:30 PM
Wednesday, June 26th @ 9:00 PM
Friday, June 28th @ 9:30 PM

(90 minutes - Family Friendly)

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