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Four World Premiere Plays

Four World Premiere PlaysThe Group Rep is proud to present Four World Premiere Plays developed in the Writers Workshop at the Group Rep. The series of plays will run April 11th through November 17th.

Each world premiere play will run Upstairs in rep with a Main Stage show running downstairs at the Lonny Chapman Theatre, 10900 Burbank Blvd. in North Hollywood.

The Four World Premiere Plays include:

Written by Lee Redmond
April 11 — May 12, 2024
Thursdays and Sundays at 7:00pm, Saturdays at 4:00pm

Tom was a charming philanderer. Tom is in a coma, but he can still hear. But does he want to hear what the various women in his life have to say, especially when they are all in the room at the same time?

Written by Suzy London
June 13 — July 14, 2024
Thursdays and Sundays at 7:00pm, Saturdays at 4:00pm

What happens when the technology of Artificial Intelligence is physically implanted in a human brain?  Based on actual events, The Ghee Ghee Pik dramatizes the true story of one woman’s quest to vastly improve her challenged-life and the unexpected consequences of such a union.

Written by Brent Beerman
August 15 — September 15, 2024
Thursdays and Sundays at 7:00pm, Saturdays at 4:00pm

Musical Epilepsy caused by a stroke uncovers a voice from Bridgette Newsome’s forgotten past. Born in Ireland and brought to America after her mother and father died, Bridgette has been orphaned from the age of eight, but she has no memories of her childhood until a haunting Irish melody awakens visions of the lost lineage of their fragmented family.

Written by Michael M. Kaplan
October 17 — November 17, 2024
Thursdays and Sundays at 7:00pm, Saturdays at 4:00pm

Four Top follows the travails of two men and two women as they make, break, and reconfigure romantic pairings in a confused, desperate, and farcical search for love and meaning – only to discover that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have been bitten by a ferret at your ex’s engagement party.

General Admission: $30   Students/Seniors with ID: $25     Subscribers: $15                                    Purchase Tickets:    
Reservations & Information: 818-763-5990        

Presenter / Producer: The Group Rep

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Event Phone: 818-763-5990

Lonny Chapman Theatre
10900 Burbank Boulevard
North Hollywood CA 91601

LA - San Fernando Valley
North Hollywood / Burbank / Glendale

Performance Dates: 4/11/2024 - 11/17/2024
Thursday, 04/11/2024
Saturday, 04/13/2024
Sunday, 04/14/2024
Thursday, 04/18/2024
Saturday, 04/20/2024
Sunday, 04/21/2024
Thursday, 04/25/2024
Saturday, 04/27/2024
Sunday, 04/28/2024
Thursday, 05/02/2024
Saturday, 05/04/2024
Sunday, 05/05/2024
Thursday, 05/09/2024
Saturday, 05/11/2024
Sunday, 05/12/2024
Thursday, 06/13/2024
Saturday, 06/15/2024
Sunday, 06/16/2024
Thursday, 06/20/2024
Saturday, 06/22/2024
Thursday, 06/27/2024
Saturday, 06/29/2024
Sunday, 06/30/2024
Thursday, 07/04/2024
Saturday, 07/06/2024
Sunday, 07/07/2024
Thursday, 07/11/2024
Saturday, 07/13/2024
Sunday, 07/14/2024
Thursday, 08/15/2024
Saturday, 08/17/2024
Sunday, 08/18/2024
Thursday, 08/22/2024
Saturday, 08/24/2024
Sunday, 08/25/2024
Thursday, 08/29/2024
Saturday, 08/31/2024
Sunday, 09/01/2024
Thursday, 09/05/2024
Saturday, 09/07/2024
Sunday, 09/08/2024
Thursday, 09/12/2024
Saturday, 09/14/2024
Sunday, 09/15/2024
Thursday, 10/17/2024
Saturday, 10/19/2024
Sunday, 10/20/2024
Thursday, 10/24/2024
Saturday, 10/26/2024
Sunday, 10/27/2024
Thursday, 10/31/2024
Saturday, 11/02/2024
Sunday, 11/03/2024
Thursday, 11/07/2024
Saturday, 11/09/2024
Sunday, 11/10/2024
Thursday, 11/14/2024
Saturday, 11/16/2024
Sunday, 11/17/2024

Performance Times
Thursday and Sunday Evenings at 7:00pm Saturday Afternoons at 4:00pm

Ticket Information:
General Admission: $30   Students/Seniors with ID: $25     Subscribers: $15                                    Purchase Tickets:    
Reservations & Information: 818-763-5990   

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