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Desert Rose Playhouse

Desert Rose PlayhouseA live stage company producing and presenting the finest in LGBTQ and Gay Positive plays, musicals and attractions in an intimate, professional setting.

Mid-Century Moderns the Musical  


Opens Wednesday, April 20th  

Closes Sunday, May 8th

Show Times  

Wed / Thurs 7pm

FRI/Sat 8 pm

Sun 2pm

The fabulous hits of ’66 come to life in this delightful tale of a plucky Wisconsin widow who transforms from frump to fabulous when she finds herself at the center of modernity in Palm Springs. Featuring the music of Tom Jones, Petula Clark, Lesley Gore, Frank & Nancy Sinatra, The Association, The Monkees and many more!

Directed by Mark Christopher

Starring: Christine Tringali-Nunes, Robbie Wayne, Dana Adkins, Gary Powers, James Owens, Carlos Garcia, and Kellee McQuinn as The Tour Guide.

Book by Mark Christopher

In Partnership With Brian Christopher


The Play That Sent Mae West To Jail!

Opens Wednesday, May 25th

Closes Sunday, June 5th

Show Times  

Wed / Thurs 7pm

FRI/Sat 8 pm

Sun 2pm

SEX, a comedy-drama premiered April 26, 1926, at Daly's 63rd Street Theatre in New York City.

Sex received many scathing reviews from a variety of critics because of the play's moral implications.  

The New York Times considered it be a "crude and inept play, cheaply produced and poorly acted" while Billboard condemned it as "the cheapest most vulgar low show to have dared to open in New York this year".  

When the show opened, Broadway had been in a commercial slump, yet in spite of this and the negative press, SEX played to full audiences and was the only play on Broadway that season to stay open through the summer, into the following year.

There were 375 performances before the New York Police Department raided West and her company in February 1927.

They were charged with obscenity, after 325,000 people had watched it, including members of the police department and their wives, judges of the criminal courts, and seven members of the district attorney's staff.

On April 19, 1927, actress Mae West pulled up to Welfare Island, now known as Roosevelt Island, in the back of a limo. She was sharply dressed down to her silk underwear and carrying a bouquet of white roses. When she stepped out of the limo, she smiled for the waiting photographers…and then checked into the women’s prison to begin serving a 10-day sentence.  

SEX is Public Domain

Beth Henley’s  

Crimes of the Heart  

Opens Wednesday, June 22nd  

Closes Sunday July 3rd  

Show Times  

Wed / Thurs 7pm

FRI/Sat 8 pm

Sun 2pm

THE STORY: The scene is Hazlehurst, Mississippi, where the three Magrath sisters have gathered to await news of the family patriarch, their grandfather, who is living out his last hours in the local hospital. Lenny, the oldest sister, is unmarried at thirty and facing diminishing marital prospects Meg, the middle sister, who quickly outgrew Hazlehurst, is back after a failed singing career on the West Coast while Babe, the youngest, is out on bail after having shot her husband in the stomach. Their troubles, grave and yet, somehow, hilarious, are highlighted by their priggish cousin, Chick, and by the awkward young lawyer who tries to keep Babe out of jail while helpless not to fall in love with her. In the end the play is the story of how its young characters escape the past to seize the future—but the telling is so true and touching and consistently hilarious that it will linger in the mind long after the curtain has descended.

In Partnership With Dramatist Play Service

Grey Gardens  

Opens Wednesday July 20th  

Closes Sunday July 31st

Show Times  

Wed/Thurs 7pm

FRI/Sat 8 pm

Sun 2pm

THE STORY: The hilarious and heartbreaking story of Big Edie and Little Edie Bouvier Beale, the eccentric aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, once bright names on the social register who became East Hampton’s most notorious recluses.

“To listen to GREY GARDENS is to bring to mind two phrases seldom linked nowadays: 'Broadway musical’ and 'artistic integrity.' The songs, with music by Scott Frankel and lyrics by Michael Korie, sustain a level of refined language and psychological detail as elevated as Stephen Sondheim’s. The score is a meticulously fashioned piece of musical theater that gains in depth the more you listen to it.” —NY Times. “The best musical of the year…GREY GARDENS blooms with creativity…Some of the most tuneful and moving songs to grace an original musical in years. Dig in and enjoy!” —USA Today. “GREY GARDENS is the real deal!” —NY Magazine. “Can a musical be hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time? GREY GARDENS can! Here’s that shot in the arm for theater lovers who’ve been longing for something bold, haunting and hypnotic to get lost in…Doug Wright’s book is nuanced and compassionate…the original score by Scott Frankel and Michael Korie has the power to live in your head long after you leave the theater…GREY GARDENS is more than a unique and unmissable musical: It’s a gift.” —Rolling Stone. “Excellent…a darkly thrilling, quirky and heartbreaking musical…Doug Wright’s book tells an emotionally devastating tale of family and freedom. Scott Frankel and Michael Korie’s songs are gorgeous—a literate, emotionally rich score.” —NY1 News. “Best musical of the year…Broadway’s most daring new musical…Grade: A!” —Entertainment Weekly.

book by Doug Wright, music by Scott Frankel, lyrics by Michael Korie

In Partnership with Dramatist Play Service

Del Shores’

A Very Sordid Wedding

Opens Wednesday August 17th  

Closes Sunday August 28th

Show Times  

Wed / Thurs 7pm

FRI/Sat 8 pm

Sun 2pm

It's 2015, seventeen years after Sordid Lives and Peggy's unfortunate death, after tripping over G.W.'s wooden legs, and life has now moved on for the residents of Winters, Texas. Based on the 2017 hit film of the same name, A Very Sordid Wedding explores the questions, bigotry and the fallout of what happens when gay marriage comes to communities and families that are not quite ready to accept it. Bigoted “religious freedom,” marriage equality and cultural acceptance are all explored with Del Shores’ trademark approach to using comedy and his much-beloved Sordid Lives characters to deal with these important current social issues and the very real process of accepting your family for who they are instead of who you want them to be

In Partnership with Concord Theatricals

Charles Busch’s  

Psycho Beach Party  

Opens Wednesday September 14th  

Closes Sunday, September 26th

Show Times  

Wed / Thurs 7pm

FRI/Sat 8 pm

Sun 2pm

“Gidget”, Frankie and Annette beach party epics, and Hitchcock psychological suspense thrillers such as “Spellbound” and “Marnie” are given a shotgun marriage.

Chicklet Forrest, a teenage tomboy, desperately wants to be part of the surf crowd on Malibu Beach in 1962.

One thing getting in her way is her unfortunate tendency towards split personalities. Among them is a black check out girl, an elderly radio talk show hostess, a male model named Steve and the accounting firm of Edelman and Edelman. Her most dangerous alter ego is a sexually voracious vixen named Ann Bowman who has nothing less than world domination on her mind.

In Partnership with Concord Theatricals


by William Goldman

Based on the novel by Stephen King

Opens Wed, Oct 12

Closes Sunday, Oct 23

Show Times  

Wed / Thurs 7pm

FRI/Sat 8 pm

Sun 2pm


MISERY follows successful romance novelist Paul Sheldon, who is rescued from a car crash by his "Number One Fan," Annie Wilkes, and wakes up captive in her secluded home. While Paul is convalescing, Annie reads the manuscript to his newest novel and becomes enraged when she discovers the author has killed off her favorite character, Misery Chastain. Annie forces Paul to write a new "Misery" novel, and he quickly realizes Annie has no intention of letting him go anywhere. The irate Annie has Paul writing as if his life depends on it, and it does.

Original Broadway production produced by Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures in association with Castle Rock Entertainment, Liz Glotzer, Mark Kaufman, Martin Shafer, Raymond Wu

World Premiere produced at Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, PA (Jed Bernstein, Producing Director)

In Partnership With Dramatist Play Service


Opens Wednesday November 9th  

Closes Sunday November 20th

Show Times  

Wed / Thurs 7pm

FRI/Sat 8 pm

Sun 2pm

This Tony Award-nominated, hilarious, roller skating, musical adventure about following your dreams despite the limitations others set for you, rolls along to the original hit score composed by pop-rock legends, Jeff Lynne and John Farrar. Based on the Universal Pictures cult classic movie of the same title, which starred Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly, Xanadu is hilarity on wheels for adults, children and anyone who has ever wanted to feel inspired.

Xanadu is a moving, electrifying tale of endless fun that will keep audiences in stitches while the original legendary, chart-topping tunes lift them out of their seats. With a small cast and limited design needs, this is a perfect choice for high schools and community theatres looking to have a bonafide 80s blast. You'll want to keep the music in your head and Xanadu in your heart... forever.

Book by Douglas Carter Beane

Music & Lyrics by Jeff Lynne & John Farrar

Based on the Universal Pictures film

Screenplay by Richard Danus & Marc Rubel

In Partnership with Music Theatre International

Christmas with the Crawford’s

Play by Mark Sargent, Richard Winchester,

and Wayne Buidens

Opens Tuesday Dec 6th  

Closes Sunday Dec 18th

Show Times  

Tues / Wed / Thurs 7pm

FRI / Sat 8 pm

Sun 2pm

Richard Winchester’s hilarious musical, Christmas with the Crawford’s returns to the Desert Rose Playhouse but with an entirely new addition of characters!  

Joining your favorite Old Hollywood Icons that you have come to know and love will be Shirley Temple, Haddie McDaniel, Ann Miller, Edith Head and others as we continue our Holiday tradition for it’s Fourth Year!

This show sells out months in advance so get your tickets now!

In Partnership with Richard Winchester

Presenter / Producer: Desert Rose Playhouse

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Desert Rose Playhouse
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