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Invertigo Dance Theatre Presents: Interior Design

Invertigo Dance Theatre Presents: Interior DesignAcclaimed Invertigo Dance Theatre Presents the Premiere Performances of the Interactive Work  Interior Design  April 20 and April 21 at the Kirk Douglas Theatre

Vibrant Storytelling Features Virtuosic and Theatrical Choreography, Stunning Dancing and Engrossing Musical Composition Celebrating Hope After Loss

Enter the whimsical and emotional world of a couple navigating love, loss, and change with Invertigo Dance Theatre's premiere performances of Interior Design on April 20 and April 21 at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. The inventive piece conjures the world of a couple, Anna and Carlos, as they move into a new space together, navigating an ocean of boxes, waves of grief, tides of neighborhood drama, and the ultimate challenge in any relationship: assembling Ikea furniture. Artistic Director Laura Karlin's
choreographic storytelling brings the audience to a space of connection and delight, with gorgeous dancing and deeply moving theatrical performances from artists Hyosun Choi and Marco Palomino, with music by Diana Lynn Wallace and Eric Mason. Experience an unforgettable evening of dance theater, music and laughter.

An initial version of Interior Design was created in 2007, as Karlin’s first piece of work while founding Invertigo Dance Theatre. “I wanted to create a work that represented how we define our spaces, our physical rooms and also our own internal worlds,” Karlin stated. “It is an intimate piece that still feels expansive and communal.” In 2017, Karlin remade Interior Design into a new longer iteration, and now in 2024, the completed work is premiering as a full-evening performance. “It is so joyful to have the opportunity to finish this piece. I started it in my 20s, revamped it in my 30s, and now I am completing it in my 40s. This show is a celebration of how we find home with another – and all of the laughter, emotions, highs and lows that can entail.”

Transformation is a central theme of the performance. A table turns into a shower, a bed, a boat (and yet never a table). Boxes become pointe shoes, emotional baggage, the memory of a pregnant belly, an ocean, and, ironically, a table. The audience is a neighborhood full of new friends to be met and invited over for coffee or even a late-night wild house party. Anna and Carlos are in the strange limbo between moving into a space and feeling at home, reflecting the strange suspension experienced while both grieving and living daily life with all its joys and absurdities.

Karlin continued, “This work also incorporates my dedication to reproductive justice. I was inspired to include my own history with pregnancy loss into the piece to share, to create a space to grieve, as well as to support, to expose and to relate. It gives expanse to experiences that are otherwise mired in shame and silence, and the antidote is collective space, which allows for healing. My wish is that everyone who attends comes away with their own authentic, deeply personal experience with the story, the artists, even the person sitting next to them. This performance is inclusive, interactive and builds a community.”

Karlin is the Founder and Artistic Director of Invertigo Dance Theatre, a teacher, choreographer, and movement activist. In addition to dancing with Invertigo Dance Theatre, Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company, La Dansa Dansa and Iris Company, Hyosun Choi also plays cello, piano, and guitar, and composes music. Marco Palomino, an international choreographer, performer, and director, hails from Cuba, bringing nearly two decades of dance expertise. He has worked with revered choreographer Carlos Acosta and is a current nominee for the prestigious Princess Grace Award.

The weekend performances take place at The Kirk Douglas Theatre, located at 9820 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232. The first show is Saturday, April 20 at 8pm and the second show is on Sunday, April 21 at 5pm, with a run time of 65 minutes. Tickets are available at the link below. Free parking with validation is available in the garage under Culver City’s City Hall (across Culver Blvd from the rear of the theatre). Tickets can be brought to the lobby for validation. For more information, visit:

Interior Design is a Guest Production at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. For more information about the theatre, visit:

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About Invertigo Dance Theatre
Invertigo Dance Theatre creates dynamic performances and community-centered programs that celebrate intersectional, intergenerational identities through transformative, expansive storytelling and movement.

Founded in 2007 by Artistic Director Laura Karlin, Invertigo Dance Theatre has created and performed 40+ original choreographic works across Los Angeles and Southern California. Building community with people of all ages and abilities, Invertigo embodies and embeds its anti-racism, anti-oppression, cultural equity, and inclusion policies into all programming, for the company invites people to experience the art of dance and storytelling as a catalyst for deeper joy and human connection. Alongside its professionally staged productions, Invertigo’s long-standing community engagement program - Dancing Through Parkinson’s - utilizes dance as a means to inspire connection and well-being for people with Parkinson's Disease and other neurodegenerative disorders.
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Presenter / Producer: Invertigo Dance Theatre

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Event Phone: 213-628-2772

The Kirk Douglas Theatre
9820 Washington Blvd.
Culver City CA 90232

LA - Hollywood / Westside

Performance Dates: 4/20/2024 - 4/21/2024
Saturday, 04/20/2024
Sunday, 04/21/2024

Performance Times
April 20th, 8:00pm
April 21st, 5:00pm

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