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Red Ribbons - Rubans Rouges Dance Repertoire

Red Ribbons - Rubans Rouges Dance RepertoireExperience the TRIUMPH!
Presented in its entirety, uncensored & unabashedly by Rubans Rouges Dance based on the upcoming book: Dance Warrior (official trademark) RED RIBBONS - Shattered Innocence.

Do you not know, have you not seen the story of Red Ribbons. We all have struggled. We all have had to overcome. We all have felt experience the Hope. Join us and be encouraged and uplifted.

photo: Lois Greenfield(c) 2016

One Night ONLY
An entertaining, true-life tale dynamically told with film, dance, art, live music, drama, original score and theatrics about a woman's journey overcoming her secretive, macabre, tumultuous past that revels a triumphant conclusion.

RED RIBBONS explores the theme of one's innocence being shattered by no means of their own.

This "dance drama" is a Rubans Rouges Dance favorite from their repertoire. It has not been presented in its full complete 50 minute version for 3 years. Be sure to see it now in its entirety for a rare, uncensored encore.

Please be aware parents: this piece deals with mature theme, parental discretion advised. We leave it up to you to decide what is appropriate for your child, as you know their maturity level more than we do. We will not turn the children away. All are welcome. There is nothing pornographic or overly sexual. There is an intensity to this piece. This may be a good opportunity and teaching tool for them to understand how to protect themselves.

Also Featuring:

Noelle Rose Andressen, Carol Butler, Albertossy Espinoza, Brenna Dawn Jenkins, Elaura Michelle, Kristine Purcell, Ottavio Taddei

Also included:
A Special pre-show program: MOSAIC (tm) celebrating youth, culture and community, presents a delightful welcome to our evening of art. This portion of our evening's presentation is approximately (20 minutes)

Works presented by the youth programs: San Pedro City Ballet (Patrick & Cindy Bradley), LA FUSION Dance Theater (Albertossy Espinoza), DANZENYOGA (Milva Rinadelli)

Presenter / Producer: Rubans Rouges Dance

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Dance > Contemporary Dance
Dance > Other Dance Forms

Event Phone: 310-890-8285

Miles Memorial Playhouse
1130 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica CA 90403

LA - Hollywood / Westside

Performance Dates: 9/10/2016
Saturday, 09/10/2016

Performance Times
8:00 pm

Ticket Information:
Ticket range: $20-$30. Please consider purchasing on line. Our shows tend to sell-out.

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