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Misty Lee- Bold Magic

Misty Lee- Bold MagicFemale magician dazzles with large-scale illusions.

WHAT: Misty Lee Bold Magic. A dazzling show of daring magic and illusion.

CONSUMER ADVISORY: For audiences age 12 to Adult.  It’s not a kiddie show, and contains themes that are inappropriate for small children.

Misty Lee, a gifted illusionist, has accomplished what seems indeed to be a truly magical feat: She is a woman who has established herself as a Headliner in a field that has been, even to this day, dominated by men. It’s even rarer to see a woman performing large-scale illusions.
Why Bold Magic? Ms. Lee describes a theme of the show as “Shades of Danger.”
Set to a dazzling array of dance and song, audiences will see a woman levitate, a honey badger read their minds, a volunteer get stabbed (all in good fun), and lots and lots of colors. Misty has already turned her attention to the challenge of transforming a child’s doll into a live ballerina, and simply says all will be revealed in her new show debuting July 28th at North Hollywood’s El Portal theatre.
A frequent performer at Hollywood's Magic Castle, Misty Lee has appeared (as herself) in comic books (The Spirit, Madame Mirage) on television (Hallmark’s Home and Family, The Dog Whisperer), and has voiced several characters in cartoons and videogames (Princess Leia in Starwars Battlefront, Red Sonja in Queen of Plagues, Squirrel Girl on Ultimate Spider-Man). She inspired and plays Misty Hannah in the interactive game Ingress, and was the first magician to perform for George RR Martin at his Jean Cocteau theater. She often works as a magic consultant, with powerhouse clients like Google and AFLAC. She is the first female magician to hold the position of  Staff Houdini Séance Medium at the Magic Castle.
Pushing the boundaries of traditional prestidigitation for the ‘greater good’, Misty created a shocking straight jacket escape for the Domestic Violence Awareness Hotline, and customized magic for blind YouTube celebrity Tommy Edison, who, before meeting Misty, was convinced magic was “Only for sighted people”.

“In our technological age”, says Lee, “Magic is important to rekindle wonder – to remind us we’re just human, and the universe still has mysteries.“
“Bold Magic is taking inspiration from your fantasies and fears and bringing them to life on stage.” Lee bewitchingly smiles in a manner best described as Mary Poppins meets Maleficent. “What’s it like to face the unknown? To tempt destruction and barter with dark forces for your soul? What happens when you reawaken your childlike desire to fly, to conjure shooting stars or talk with ghosts? Magic is a journey and the path isn’t always bright and sunny.”
This is evident as Misty’s repertoire includes a game of Russian Roulette with razor-sharp knives and mystical excursions into divinations, transformations, and good old fashioned revenge.  “In any magic story, the way to dawn is through darkness.” Misty explains, “There is a happy ending, but to get there the audience will have to follow me through light and shadow.”
Lee speaks from experience, as many of her illusions are born from her own life experiences and recollections of childhood emotions. “One of the main reasons I took up magic,” Lee reveals, “Was to communicate common experiences with the audience through a language of wonder and imagination. We’ve all been through the loss of a loved one, or challenged adversity or reached for a dream we felt was just beyond our grasp. When my team and I transpose those incidents into feats of legerdemain, we forge a shared bond with the audience that is truly magical.”
Misty Lee is married to animation writer-producer Paul Dini, who created the popular Batman character Harley Quinn.
Misty Lee: Bold Magic is truly not quite like anything you’ve seen before. It’s a show you won’t soon forget.

Presenter / Producer: Misty Lee

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Event Phone: 866-811-4111

El Portal Theatre
5269 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood CA 91601

North Hollywood / Burbank / Glendale

Performance Dates: 7/28/2017 - 7/30/2017
Friday, 07/28/2017
Saturday, 07/29/2017
Sunday, 07/30/2017

Performance Times
Fri. at 8:00, Sat. at 3:00 and 8:00, Sun. at 3:00.

Ticket Information:
$40 center seating $35 side seating $50 VIP seating.

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