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Long Way Down

Long Way DownKidnappers of infants are drawn to increasing acts of desperation.

Long Way Down had its World Premiere in Nashville. The current production marks the play’s West Coast Premiere.

WHAT: Long Way Down. West Coast Premiere engagement of a play.

WHO: Written by Nate Eppler. Directed by Steve Jarrard.

The home of the Ferris sisters is a crumbling structure some miles outside of Nashville. One sister, Chanelle, is doing time in prison. Saralee has a job and a husband, and she’s pregnant. Kid sister May survived a traumatizing incident, but was fired from her job in a daycare center. She’s approached by a former jail-mate of Chanelle’s, Karen, to join her in a scheme to rescue babies from undeserving parents. Why? That’s what God told Karen to do. Soon, Karen and May have rescued a whole bunch of babies from their deficient mothers and fathers. The authorities are starting to close in. And what will Saralee and her husband Duke do when they find out what Karen and May have been up to? Can Karen and May possibly get away with their plan?

The title Long Way Down refers to the distance between Heaven and Earth. However celestial their aspirations, the characters of Long Way Down find themselves firmly earthbound.

Nate Eppler is the playwright. Long Way Down was a nominee for best new play by the American Theatre Critics Association, a distinction also conferred on Eppler’s newest play The Ice Treatment. His other plays include City of the Dead, Sextape( & Other Stories), Larries, Modern Love  and Keeping Up with the Joneses.

Steve Jarrard directs the new production of Long Way Down. The managing director of Collaborative Artists Ensemble, his directing credits include The Food Chain, How I Learned to Drive, Eleemosynary, The Square Root of Wonderful, Lucia Mad, Through a Glass Darkly, Blood Relations, A Strange Disappearance of Bees, In the Balance and more. He is also an actor.

Jarrard’s cast for Long Way Down includes, in alphabetical order, Christa Haxthausen, Lauri Hendler, Meg Wallace and Lane Wray.

Stage manager: Rebekah Atwell.

Presenter / Producer: Collaborative Artists Ensemble

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Theater > Drama

Event Phone: 323-860-6569

Sherry Theatre
11052 Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood CA 91601

North Hollywood / Burbank / Glendale

Performance Dates: 5/19/2017 - 6/18/2017
Friday, 05/19/2017
Saturday, 05/20/2017
Sunday, 05/21/2017
Friday, 05/26/2017
Saturday, 05/27/2017
Sunday, 05/28/2017
Friday, 06/02/2017
Saturday, 06/03/2017
Sunday, 06/04/2017
Friday, 06/09/2017
Saturday, 06/10/2017
Sunday, 06/11/2017
Friday, 06/16/2017
Saturday, 06/17/2017
Sunday, 06/18/2017

Performance Times
Fri. & Sat. at 8, Sun. at 7.

Ticket Information:
$20. Students and seniors $15.

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