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Annette Hubbell Productions - San Diego - Presents:
Witness to Gettysburg

6/24/2016 - 7/3/2016 (next performance: Sunday, 7/3/2016)

How do you tell the story of war? Of what happens when the smoke clears and the armies march on? Start with one battle. Start with one woman. Start with Hattie. She is there with the soldiers, the women, the boys in uniform, the tragedy, the triumph.

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Santa Monica Playhouse - Santa Monica - Presents:
The World Is My Home – The Life of Paul Robeson

Sunday, 7/3/2016

Powerful and poignant, heartfelt and humorous, Santa Monica Playhouse is proud to present a one-night-only engagement of film, television and stage personality Stogie Kenyatta’s acclaimed NAACP Solo Show Award-Winning show about African-American artist-activist Paul Robeson.

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Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum - Topanga - Presents:

6/18/2016 - 10/1/2016 (next performance: Sunday, 7/3/2016)

Ellen Geer’s free adaptation with music brings new eyes to Harriet Beecher Stowe’s ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin.’ Long before Black Lives Matter was part of our lexicon, Stowe’s great novel demanded freedom and equality for all, changing forever how Americans viewed slavery, galvanizing the abolition movement and contributing to the outbreak of the Civil War.

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Poetic Justice Project - Studio City, CA - Presents:
Time Will Tell

Sunday, 7/3/2016

Experience personal journeys of incarceration and reentry with actors Leonard Flippen, Jorge Manly Gil, Caroline Hitch, Frank Souza, Morry Talaugon and Guillermo Willie in Poetic Justice Project’s newest production, TIME WILL TELL. The multimedia play was created and directed by Leah Joki, author of the memoir Juilliard to Jail and writer/performer of the one-woman play Prison Boxing.

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The Road Theatre Company - North Hollywood - Presents:
John Is A Father

5/12/2016 - 7/16/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

Recovering alcoholic John Owens was estranged from his family for decades before his son, a Marine, was killed in Afghanistan. Now, six years later, he receives an invitation to meet his widowed daughter-in-law and his grandson for the first time.

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Australian Theatre Company - Los Angeles - Presents:
'Double Feature' Theatre Festival

6/6/2016 - 7/2/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

L.A.’s Australian Theatre Company offers a mini Australian theater festival, including a ‘Double Feature’ of two celebrated Australian plays that were made into movies and ATC’s second annual free reading series.

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SD International Fringe - San Diego - Presents:
San Diego International Fringe Festival

6/23/2016 - 7/3/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

San Diego International Fringe Festival returns for its fourth year, with nearly 100 artists and 500 shows, all to entertain, delight, motivate, stimulate, excite and provoke you. Come support local, national and international talent. Only $10 per show - all proceeds go to the artists.

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Center Theatre Group - Los Angeles - Presents:

6/8/2016 - 7/17/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

“The riveting performances by entire ensemble command your attention throughout. The sensational and ideological subject matter is masterfully presented and given the current political environment should be required viewing for all. DISGRACED is one of our FEATURED events. GO!” – Performing Arts LIVE

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San Luis Obispo Little Theatre - San Luis Obispo - Presents:
Bye, Bye Birdie

6/3/2016 - 7/2/2016 (next performance: Saturday, 7/2/2016)

Winner of the Tony Award for Best Musical in 1961, Bye, Bye Birdie is a delightful satire of the 1950’s crafted with the fondest affection for the time and the people. Filled with toe-tapping musical theatre classics such as Put on a Happy Face, One Boy, A Lot of Livin’ to Do, Kids and How Lovely to be a Woman, our season finale musical is sure to be a sell out!

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The Old Globe - San Diego - Presents:

6/19/2016 - 7/24/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

A stellar cast, under the direction of renowned Shakespearean Brian Kulick, will electrify the San Diego night with a stunning rendition of one of Shakespeare’s masterpieces.

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Antaeus Theatre Company - North Hollywood - Presents:
Hedda Gabler

6/2/2016 - 7/17/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

Henrik Ibsen created one of literature’s most compelling characters in this complex and enigmatic story about the newly married, beautiful and inscrutable wife of an academic trapped in a world she cannot bear. At The Antaeus Theatre Company in North Hollywood.

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Stella Adler Lab Productions - Hollywood - Presents:
Golden Boy

6/17/2016 - 7/10/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

Golden Boy follows the life of a young Italian New Yorker in the late 1930s who pursues the American dream of fame and fortune. Forced to choose between big money boxing and his dream of becoming a violinist, the young Italian runs the risk of losing everything he holds dear.

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Richard III

6/25/2016 - 7/24/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

For over 200 years, the most produced play in the world was Colley Cibber's adaptation of Shakespeare's RICHARD III. Through the ages, classical actors (including David Garrick and Edmund Booth) refitted it for their versions of the indelible anti-hero. Independent Shakespeare Co. pulls the best from the past and combines it with an entirely modern take for this electrified re-imagining of the tale of a man driven to pursue power by any means.

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Odyssey Theatre Ensemble - Los Angeles - Presents:

6/9/2016 - 7/3/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

The West Coast premiere of a theatrical re-imagination of the history of the Weather Underground, developed and devised by New York City theater collective The Assembly and members of the cast. "The ensemble is terrific and did an excellent job capturing the essence of the many societal challenges posed during this period of historical significance." - Performing Arts LIVE

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Erica Valen - San Diego - Presents:
Mysterium- A Magic Show

6/25/2016 - 7/2/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

Called "a magic act of exquisite polish" by San Diego Story and winner of the SD International Fringe Festival's 2015 Audience Favorite award, Mysterium Show is a wild and delightful celebration of the supernatural. The show goes beyond "tricks and illusions" to create a real sense of wonder that leaves audiences feeling like they've been a part of something very special.

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Joe Udall - San Diego - Presents:
The Year of the Woman

6/24/2016 - 7/3/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

Politics seem like a joke, but "The Year of the Woman" is no laughing matter. Model turned Republican nominee Gabby Steward is as farcical as HBO's "Veep", yet raw like David Mamet's "Oleanna," pinpointing her ambitions and insecurities. Would you #killbabyhitler ?

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Theatricum Botanicum - Topanga - Presents:
Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum 2016 Summer Season

6/4/2016 - 10/2/2016 (next performance: Saturday, 7/2/2016)

The year 2016 marks the remembrance, worldwide, of Shakespeare’s death 400 years ago, as well as what is shaping up to be a historic election year in the U.S.

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San Diego Asian Artists Ensemble - San Diego - Presents:
Second Chances For Grace

6/25/2016 - 7/2/2016 (next performance: Saturday, 7/2/2016)

From Hong Kong to Hollywood: One Woman's Inspirational Journey in Second Chances For Grace! A powerful drama infused with comedy, multimedia and song. Written & performed by Kiki Yeung. Directed by DeAnna Driscoll.

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American Coast Theater - Costa Mesa - Presents:
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead & Hamlet - In Rep

6/3/2016 - 7/3/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

In Hamlet, the titular character wrestles with whether or not to kill, as the play dramatically asks the question: how much is a life worth? Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead comedically portrays the misadventures of the two supporting characters from Hamlet, musing their way through events they may or may not have control over as they face their own fate.

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The SRS Production Wing - North Hollywood - Presents:
Two Rooms

6/10/2016 - 7/2/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

A play by Lee Blessing. A man is kidnapped in Beirut. A wife struggles to get him back. Two Rooms is a compelling and provocative work written by Lee Blessing nearly 30 years ago. Unfortunately it is as relevant in 2016 as it was in 1988.

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Pacific Resident Theatre - Venice - Presents:
The Eccentricities of a Nightingale

6/18/2016 - 8/14/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

In Tennessee Williams's unusually subtle and tender play, Alma, a preacher's daughter, tries to win the love of a young doctor. The play centers on their complex relationship and Alma's valiant and salvational attempt at winning her heart's desire.

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Knaive Theater - Hollywood - Presents:
Bin Laden

6/19/2016 - 7/2/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

Bin Laden: The One Man Show, is coming to Hollywood Fringe Festival, (Asylum (Inter))National, June 19-25th before touring to San Diego and Tijuana. One man, one monster, one unforgettable act of violence, This is the story of the world’s most notorious terrorist. The man who changed the world.

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Chalk Repertory Theatre - - Presents:
In Case of Emergency

6/3/2016 - 7/3/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

Chalk Repertory Theatre Transforms Four Private Home Garages for 'In Case of Emergency,' a New Site(s)-Specific Play About Preparing for the ‘Big One’ While Personal Disasters Get in the Way. Performances take place in Montrose, Atwater Village, and Pasadena

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Los Angeles LGBT Center's Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center - Hollywood - Presents:
Fool for Love

7/7/2016 - 7/22/2016 (next performance: Thursday, 7/7/2016)

Los Angeles LGBT Center's Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center presents, as part of the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival, a new production of Sam Shepard's Obie Award-winning play.

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Studio C Artists - Los Angeles - Presents:
In The Garage

6/11/2016 - 7/23/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/8/2016)

Studio C Artists is proud to present the next in their one act “room” series… IN THE GARAGE. This collection of 8 brand new short plays, presented in two alternating shows, all take place in a garage setting. See schedule for show details. $20 GA ($15 w/ “earlybird” code 24 hrs. in advance). This show is part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

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La Jolla Playhouse - La Jolla - Presents:
Thirsty Thursday

6/30/2016 - 7/21/2016 (next performance: Thursday, 7/7/2016)

Join us before your Thursday Night performance of The Last Tiger in Haiti for complimentary beer tastings from Intergalactic Brewing Company

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Breakdown Services and Performing Arts LIVE - Originating from Los Angeles - Presents:
State of the Arts Radio Series

6/23/2016 - 1/26/2017 (next performance: Thursday, 7/7/2016)

State of the Arts is a weekly series devoted to coverage of the performing arts in Los Angeles, and beyond... with emphasis on theatre, music, dance events, and stage spectaculars. Michael Sterling and Andrew David James offer astute reviews, insightful discussions, a live arts calendar, and live interviews with celebrity guests, stars of the arts, and the creative teams behind them.

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Warehouse Studio Theatre - North Hollywood - Presents:
A Few Good Men

6/30/2016 - 7/17/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

Aaron Sorkin's hit military courtroom drama. A Few Good Men is a gripping military courtroom thriller. A young marine, apparently unfit to endure the physical rigors of Marine duty, has died. Was it an accident, or were the circumstances of his death more sinister? Two marines in his unit are indicted for a variety of charges including murder.

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La Jolla Playhouse - La Jolla - Presents:
Last Tiger in Haiti

6/28/2016 - 7/24/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

Come enjoy this gripping drama from the La Jolla Playhouse's 2016/2017 season!

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Santa Monica Playhouse - Santa Monica - Presents:
Me,Myself and I

Friday, 7/1/2016

“You won’t find anything like it, anywhere else!” said Drama-logue about the Santa Monica Playhouse Youth Intensives, and this year’s original musical, crafted and performed by the 13 members of the Santa Monica Playhouse Summer Teen Performance Lab, is no exception

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La Jolla Playhouse - La Jolla - Presents:
Young Performers @ La Jolla Playhouse

6/20/2016 - 8/5/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/1/2016)

Give kids a summer to remember at the Playhouse! YP@LJP offers fun, interactive theatre programs for different age groups and areas of interest.

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Gary Grossman - Los Angeles - Presents:
Church and State

7/2/2016 - 8/14/2016 (next performance: Saturday, 7/2/2016)

Three days before his bid for re-election in North Carolina, a Republican U.S. Senator makes an off-the-cuff comment to a blogger that calls into question his belief in God. The Senator’s devoutly Christian wife and liberal Jewish campaign manager try desperately to contain the damage. In a brutally honest and surprisingly funny way, the play sheds light on how religion, guns, and social media inf

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The Old Globe - San Diego - Presents:
Sense and Sensibility

7/6/2016 - 8/14/2016 (next performance: Wednesday, 7/6/2016)

Tony Award nominee Paul Gordon (The Old Globe’s Emma, Broadway’s Jane Eyre) refashions Jane Austen's timeless classic Sense and Sensibility into a gorgeous, thrillingly romantic musical.

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Bootleg Theater - Los Angeles - Presents:
Four Chords and a Gun

7/7/2016 - 7/31/2016 (next performance: Thursday, 7/7/2016)

Four Chords and a Gun tells the crazy, funny, and true story of the Ramones. working with legendary producer Phil Spector to produce their 5th album.

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Brian Nitzkin - Los Angeles - Presents:
Four Chords and a Gun

7/7/2016 - 7/31/2016 (next performance: Thursday, 7/7/2016)

Four Chords and a Gun tells the crazy, funny, sad and true story of the Ramones. In 1978 the pioneering punk band, desperate for a hit, enlisted legendary (and legendarily ... eccentric) producer Phil Spector to produce their 5th album.

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Rob Menzies, Lee Costello, and Marla DuMont - Los Angeles - Presents:
"One Act Festival" by Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA

7/7/2016 - 7/31/2016 (next performance: Thursday, 7/7/2016)

EST/LA is curating an inspiring variety of mostly world premiere one-act treasures, written by fourteen of their top playwrights. The One Act Festival this summer will bring Los Angeles audiences a feast of new entertainment. Produced by Co-Artistic Director Roderick Menzies and presented in programs A, B, & C, brimming with provocative drama and comedy.

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TMD Productions - Studio City - Presents:

7/8/2016 - 8/14/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/8/2016)

TMD PRODUCTIONS is thrilled to announce a special return engagement of its critically acclaimed premiere production of ELECTRICITY, written by Terry Ray, produced by Michael Darner and directed by Steven Rosenbaum. ELECTRICITY will return for six weeks only from Friday, July 8 through Sunday, August 14 at the Two Roads Theatre

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Hollywood Fringe Encore Producers Award - Los Angeles - Presents:
Freak Out!

7/8/2016 - 7/30/2016 (next performance: Friday, 7/8/2016)

Solo show about a woman on the brink of turning 60! We had sold out shows in the Hollywood Fringe Festival and just won an Encore Award so will be doing two more shows in July!

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Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival - Culver City - Presents:
Looking Back, Stepping Forward

Sunday, 7/10/2016

Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival presents 5 solo performers.

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Shakespeare by the Sea - Hermosa Beach - Presents:
Othello - Shakespeare by the Sea at Valley Park

Wednesday, 7/13/2016

An emotionally gripping thriller, where gossip turns friendships rancid, and rumor brutally murders innocence. Othello is as unflinching in its power as it is in its heartbreak.

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